Simple Solution To Keep Your Vents Pest Free

Simple Solution To Keep Your Vents Pest Free

Dryer vents may not appear to be obvious entry points into your house. To get rid of the humidity extracted from your clothing, these vents are generally only a few inches in diameter and situated at the rear end of your dryer. However, since the vent is extended to the outdoors, it might serve as an access point for some pests and birds.

Squirrels, birds, snakes, and pests can enter your house through a damaged or missing dryer vent cap. Therefore, pest-proofing your dryer vents should be done right away.

This article will explain several vermin that might enter your dryer vents and what actions you can take to keep them pest-free.

Pests That Can Enter Dryer Vents

So anything small enough to fit into the dryer vent entrance is a possible intruder, but there are three major kinds of pests to look out for.


Birds aren’t as numerous as they once were, but they do occasionally wind themselves in your dryer vents. When they’re the ones to blame, you’ll probably hear them tweeting.

They make nests, hatch, and sometimes die inside it and cause foul smell, The nesting debris can also clog the vent and cause fire breakouts.

bird nesting in a dryer vent
Bugs inside a dryer vent

Bugs/ Insects

Pests such as flies and bees, moths can enter the vent and form a nest. Insects may spread pathogens, bite, and sting depending on species, so you would not want to allow an invasion like this to go uncontrolled. This might cause infestations.

Critters and Rodents

If given a chance, mice, rats, and squirrels will enter dryer vents, as would other animals, if the entrance is large enough. Look for teeth marks if they’ve chewed through into the vent covering.

Snakes inside a dryer vent


Sometimes snakes also invade the house through dryer vents if the cover cap is not properly filtered or sealed. And there’s not much to say on how dangerous snakes are especially the venomous or poisonous ones.

Aside from the fact that it’s a shocking sight, there are several reasons why you should act quickly if you notice evidence of bugs in your dryer vents.


If you allow a bug infestation in your dryer vents to go uncontrolled, they will undoubtedly leave excrement or other waste that will stench up your home. They could even make it into the dryer, causing an unpleasant surprise the next time you wash clothes.

Health Issue

Viruses from the outside are frequently brought into your house by pests. A mere mouse may get your entire family sick by transmitting diseases via clothes or through entering your home and spreading germs – so you should address the situation as soon as possible.

Clogged Vents and Fire Breakouts

Dryers require vents in order to circulate heated air safely. If bugs leave combustible material in your vents, it may find its way into your dryer, causing a fire.

Keeping The Dryer Vent Pests Free

First, check your dryer vent to make sure the pests are coming in from it and not another leak or fracture in your house.

Contemplate the expense of hiring an expert to clean your dryer vents if you notice evidence of bugs in your vents and trash. You may also clean the dryer vents on your own.

Pest free clean vent

You can now consider preventative measures. When pests sneak into your vents, it’s usually because the vent cover is broken or missing. A properly working vent cover should allow air to flow without allowing animals to enter. Examine your vent covering, which is placed on the exterior of the home (on the other side of where your dryer is placed) if pests are coming in. If there’s a breach in the wall and nibble marks, it’s an indication they’ve gotten in.

When everything appears to be in order, but pests are still coming in, you might have to take further steps to pest-free your vents. Insect shields are available at hardware stores, but they may require professional installation.

Dealing with Existing Pest Issues

If it’s too late and you notice indications of many creatures with excrement and nests all over the place, it’s best not to try to manage it yourself if you’re not an expert dryer vent cleaner. By clearing the area of excrement and nesting debris with your hands, you may expose yourself to sickness or a bite.

You may manage to completely eliminate the infestation temporarily, but you may discover yourself struggling with the same scenario a few months later. Therefore, seek help from dryer vent cleaners or experts. They can look for evidence of bugs in your dryer vent and make recommendations.

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