How To Set Up a Dryer Vent Hose In Tight Space

While setting up your house, one of the first thoughts is about where you’d install your dryer vent. The usual concern in most scenarios is about the lack of space since newly built apartments and houses try to utilize the smallest space possible. Installing dryer vents in tight places isn’t something new since that is how technology is trying to make it these days.

Tight places will always be an issue when it comes to installing dryer vents. Vents are usually pipes that need to be laid out over open areas where they will not crumple up or bend. The issue with tight spaces is that circular pipes can usually not be laid out over them and it needs either a direct connection or the use of periscopes. We will discuss the solutions in detail and how you can solve the issues with having tight spaces for dryers.

#1 Solution- Periscopic Dryer Vents


Periscopic dryer vents were designed exactly for the purpose of being extremely compact and to fit into tight spaces. It will allow you to place your dryer very close to the wall. It is also made of rigid materials that don’t allow lint to accumulate inside it. The periscopic vent itself has a flat shape rather than a tube-like structure that helps to conceal it snugly between the dryer and the wall.
Moreover, the periscopic vent can be adjusted to accommodate for any alignment differences and they have openings on the opposing ends which makes it one of the best solutions for tight spaces.

Before installing a new dryer vent duct, you will need to carefully remove the old one while making sure you don’t damage anything in the process.

In the instance of a new installation, follow the steps carefully as some steps might require you to make an opening for the duct on the wall.

Installing a periscopic dryer vent

The process for this is simple and you might not even need professional assistance if you’re okay with using a few tools.

Attach one opening to your dryer first and make sure to tighten the screws. If it comes with a metal ring clamp, use that to secure the connection to the dryer.

Once attached, set the slider on the periscopic duct to the right length that will fit the wall behind and slowly slide the dryer back into place as the other end of the dryer vent goes into the exhaust duct. Once it is in place, tighten the screws and the ring clamp to secure it in place. That’s all you need to install the periscopic duct.

#2 Solution- Recessed Dryer Vent Box


When it comes to tight spaces, it usually is the case that there isn’t much space for the maneuverability of the duct and it doesn’t get the direct path which it needs. To solve this issue, you could make use of the recessed dryer vent box.

The recessed dryer vent box is an attachment for the wall that routes the exhaust duct a little to the top so that the vent tubing can fit easily into the cavity of the recessed vent box. This may need a larger hole on the wall but it also solves the issues of your dryer not being on the outer walls of your house.

Installing the Recessed Vent Box

The process of installing a recessed dryer vent box may seem complex, but its as simple as making a measured cut out on the drywall right where your older exhaust ducting was installed.

You simply place the recessed box in place and fasten it with the given screws tightly. Once its fixed to the wall, you can now connect the dryer went hose on to the exhaust outlet inside the recessed box with ease and fasten it with ring clamps before pushing back the dryer in place.

#3 Solution- Magnetic Dryer Vent


A magnetic dryer vent can probably be the best vent that you can use for tight spaces. This new piece of tech snaps shut right on the exhaust duct and stays there in place using the power of magnetism. Furthermore, it comes with a hose that can expand and contract whenever required. This is an ideal fix for any space issues and it is fairly easy to install.

Installing the magnetic duct

There are a few easy steps for installation and once the older duct has been cleared, you will need to install the magnet mount on the exhaust duct on the wall. It will need a few holes drilled to screw it in place and that should be fairly easy.

On the other end, fasten the duct to the dryer using the given screws and ring clamps. Once the duct tubing has been installed, take the dryer closer to the wall and the magnet will snap shut giving you the perfect fit for a tight spot.

#4 Solution- Flexible Hose/Duct/Pipe


The use of flexible hosing is not new, it has been used for a long time to solve the issues of the dryer vent being in cramped places. It is simply a hose that can be made of either metal, metal foil or plastic and its specialty is flexibility. It can stretch out or it can be squeezed into place with ease. It is simply a replacement pipe for your usual dryer vent hose and installing it is as simple as putting it into place and tightening the ring clamps or screws and letting the hose retract as you push the dryer back against the wall.

#5 Solution – Professional Help


When you are installing any of these and find yourself in a tight spot, much like your dryer, you could always call professionals to come and do the job for you. There are many benefits of seeking professional help and the most compelling of these reasons are that they will know how to get the job done right and reduce the risk of damage or wrong steps that might void any warranty. You can always seek professional assistance and it is usually never too far.


Tight spaces are problematic for ductwork such as those on dryers. Dryer vents need an ample amount of space to lay out the tubing and in cramped up places, this can result in restricted airflow. However, it’s not a reason to worry because of the many solutions out there and with these, you can always fit a dryer vent in even the most cramped up places.

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