How Do You Clean A Dryer Vent That Goes To The Roof

Cleaning a vent that goes through the roof differs from cleaning a duct inside the house. The reason being, such models are curvy and long, thus lint accumulates around corners and bends. It’s extremely difficult to get rid of the lint accumulation if you don’t have special tools and equipment to do the job. Likewise, a normal vacuum cleaner may not suck all the lint and hence the need for a powerful air compressor.

The cleaning intervals depend on the installation and model of the dryer. If you have a large building, preventive maintenance will depend on the type of installation and dryer model. Here, I have an in-depth analysis of the steps to follow when cleaning a dryer vent that goes through the roof. Read on

Have the materials ready

Before you start the clean-up exercise, you must assemble roof dryer vent cleaning tools. Here is a list of what you need;

A flexible rod with a rotating brush. I would suggest a nylon rod since it can navigate easily down the vent. Air compressor with a hose attachment.
Rubber gloves
Small lint brush
Vent vacuum
Crevice tool
Nest removal tool
Power drill for attaching items
Helmet and non-skid boots

For roof dryer vent cleaning, you’ll require a long flexible rod that connects to an air compressor. One end of the rod comprises a small rotating brush for dislodging the dirt. It also gets rid of the lint or fluff along the conduit.

Another reason I choose the flexible rod is that it can navigate through curves and corners. I love that the nylon rod is very versatile and you can attach different brushes to get rid of lint. For instance, you can attach a lint brush to clean the lint inside the vent. A rotating brush has small rollers that collect lint along the pathway. For tall buildings and basements, you can get a longer rod that can reach all corners.

First Clean The Dryer Vent From The Inside

Before you climb up the roof, you need to clean the dryer vent from inside the house.

Pull the dryer from the wall and unscrew the locks that connect the duct to the exhaust pipe. Attach a lint brush using the lint brush attachment to the vacuum cleaner. Clear the debris on the surface of the dryer duct and gently lower the vacuum tube inside the vent. Next, switch on the power to trigger the rotating brush or the vent brush. Allow the device to suck the lint and other debris.

Climb Over To The Roof Of The Building

After cleaning the vent from inside, the next step is to climb over the roof and clear off the lint buildup via the vent outlet.

For precaution, get safety equipment such as a helmet and non-skid boots or shoes to climb up the roof. If the vent is very long, look for a lengthier rod to clean the entire area.

I recommend the Smart House Inc. dryer vent cleaner kit from Amazon for cleaning the dryer vent on the roof. It’s a complete package that has everything that you need to get started. However, for sophisticated cleaning, there are other dryer vent cleaning tools you can purchase.

The advantage of a nylon rod is that it’s flexible and convenient for cleaning the vent on a roof. Further, it can bend depending on the shape of the vent. Lastly, it has a dryer duct attachment you can fasten to an air compressor or power drill for quick cleaning.


Remove Caulking And Other Obstructions To The Vent Guard

Inspect the vent guard to remove any objects that may obstruct it. Sometimes, you’ll discover that the vent cover is tightly attached using a caulk.

You must get rid of the caulking carefully without damaging your roof. I recommend seeking professional help for this task because it requires special tools and equipment.

Unscrew The Vent Guard Or Cover

You can use a flat screwdriver to release the screws. Don’t throw them away since you’ll use them to reattach the vent guard. For optimal results, you can use a power drill to attach screws or nails. Also, it’s useful in attaching duct brushes to the unit.

Open The Vent Cover And Start Cleaning

Next, open the vent cover and start dryer roof vent cleaning by cleaning the surface. You’ll find that too much lint accumulates at the opening of the vent. Insert the vent brush and twist it for an extended period to clear off the lint. Repeat this procedure until there’s no more lint that gets stuck to the bristles.

Lower the cleaning rod deep inside the vent. The rotating brush whips the lint through a powerful gust of air from the compressor. As it proceeds downwards through the duct, it expels the lint for spotless cleaning.

Close The Vent Guard Opening

Return the vent guard on the dryer vent opening on the roof and screw it back. If it’s in poor condition, then you need to replace it immediately or call a professional. It’s vital to seal tightly to prevent water or moisture infiltration.

Cleaning The Dryer Vent From The Inside

If a lot of lint has blocked the system, there’s a need to clean from the inside. It’s a complex job that requires specialized services, as it will involve dismantling the appliance from the inside.

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Servicing your roof-mounted dryer vents every five years offers a lot of benefits such as a quicker drying time, lower electricity bills, and enhanced durability of your machine.

There are many risks associated with unmaintained roof mounted dryer vent outlets. These incidents are preventable by regularly cleaning out dryer vents on the roof. If the duct is long, you must seek help from a professional. Contact our office today and our experts will respond to your concerns.

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