How To Keep Birds Out Of My Dryer Vent

Birds might be taking up residence in your dryer vent; Here are methods on how you can act fast and take preventive measures.

The dryer vent outlet is a place that must never remain obstructed not only to allow for continuous airflow but also because it might cause disasters that can result in property damage and injuries. One such obstruction is caused by birds when they build a nest inside a dryer vent. The dryer vent outlet is an ideal place for birds to occupy and this can result in serious repercussions. Acting fast on birds nesting in dryer vent outlets can prevent a lot of property damage and maybe even save some lives.

I have come across several cases of birds nesting in dryer vent outlets and I know things can get ugly fast. I’ll discuss a few ways how you can take preventive measures and avoid imminent danger.

Let’s Get Started

Checking for Nests

Birds tend to put up their nests in dryer vent outlets often and it is something that needs to be checked out. You can do this by moving your dryer forward and listening for chirps or you could go outside and physically inspect the dryer vent outlet yourself.

Dryer vent outlets usually have a cover installed which the birds can bypass with ease and make their nest unbothered. You will need to check inside these covers to find the bird nests. Once you’ve found them you can proceed to relocate them.

I must heed caution that you do not harm any of these creatures at any cost whatsoever. Birds are creatures deserving of compassion and I do not by any means condone simply removing birds from their nests.

However, sometimes you may not find birds nested on your dryer vent outlet and in this case I recommend not taking the situation for granted since birds can and will nest in available in open outlets and it is just a matter of time before they do. In such cases, preventive measures must be taken.

If there is already a birds nest remove it carefully

Let’s proceed with caution when removing the birds nest from the dryer vent outlet. I must once again heed caution so as to not harm the birds or their offspring.

Gently take the nest out from the dryer vent outlet. You may need to use mittens or gloves since the twigs inside the vent could be sharp and embedded deep inside.

Once it has been taken out, relocate the nest in a tree or other safe locations.

After the nest has been taken out, proceed to remove any remaining twigs or other debris from the outlet and make sure nothing remains. Clean out the dryer vent outlet as this is a standard procedure to maintain unobstructed airflow.

Preventive Measures

Once the outlet is empty or if you’ve not found a bird’s nest in there, you will need to take preventive measures to make sure birds never attempt to build a nest there. A vent outlet cover is almost always there but birds have a way around these too. Luckily there are other ways that will stop these birds.

Install Dryer Vent Bird Guard

The best solution to prevent birds from nesting in your dryer vent outlet is to install a dryer vent bird guard for good measure. This will add much-needed protection from any creature trying to sneak into the dryer vent outlet.

The dryer vent bird guard is a simple mesh or net that restricts creatures such as birds and rodents from entering the outlet. This has been proven effective against birds making their nests in outlets since they won’t even gain entrance.

In this regard I recommend the use of the best product out there that you can readily buy and install on vent outlets to keep birds and other creatures out.

Aroma Trees Dryer Vent Bird Stop

This lightweight aluminum vent grill can stop birds and other pests from taking up residence in your dryer vent outlet. We suggest this especially because of their reliability and customizable fit. It is compatible with multiple brands of vent covers and outlets and is very easy to install and remove. Choosing this grill will not compromise the aesthetics of your house as it is build to enhance the looks of the dryer vent outlet.

Manual Maintenance Checkups

Birds are resilient creatures who will continue to make nests even when you’ve removed them. Conduct checks on a regular basis to make sure birds haven’t once again made a nest in your dryer vent.

A weekly check is enough to ensure the safety of your house and dryer vent systems is what I recommend from personal experience.

Seeking Professional Help

There is no better solution that compares to the expertise that professionals bring. If you’re ever unsure about how to tackle these situations and think you might end up breaking something, you can always call an expert. They are available on call and will personally come over to remove the bird’s nest and secure a bird guard grill on your vent outlet.

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To sum it all up, this annoying and frustrating issue can be tackled easily with little to no effort. Preventing birds from nesting in your dryer vent outlet will ensure the safety of your home, the dryer vent system and the lives of the birds that nest in there. If you’ve found a bird’s nest in your dryer vent please do not instantly remove them without considering the lives of the birds. Lastly, this all can be prevented if you install a dryer vent bird guard which will stop birds and rodents from making their way inside the outlet.

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