How to Replace a Dryer Vent Hose inside a Wall

A dryer includes an exhaust pipe that discharges hot air. One side of the exhaust attaches to the dryer while the other end is fixed to the wall. The vent hose then passes through a hole inside a wall which discharges the hot air to the outside of the building.

The vent hose inside the wall is made of a strong metal that can withstand intense air pressure. The advantage of solid metal is that it fits rigidly to the wall which leaves no room for air to escape. Subsequently, this allows for optimum efficiency of the dryer and prevents the accumulation of lint.

The build-up of lint inside a dryer vent is hazardous and can clog the exhaust that prevents airflow. Electrostatic discharge can ignite a fire when lint escapes and this creates the need for regular inspection and urgent replacement if damaged.

Here are the step-by-step instructions of how to replace a dryer vent hose inside a wall without damaging it, keep reading.

Gather Material:

You will need the right materials and equipment to avoid a return trip to the store in case you forget something. Whether you’re a professional or a DIY enthusiast, you need to have your tools ready for the task at hand.

Replacing a vent hose inside a wall is easy, especially since you can purchase a complete package of the things you need for the installation.

Here are the basic requirements for the replacement procedure:

● A complete dryer vent kit
● An aluminum foil duct tape
● One small vent dent brush
● Vacuum cleaner
● Screwdriver or a socket driver
● An adjustable wrench or spanner
● Plywood
● Caulk
● Tin Snips

Ascertain the exact size of the vent hose and order a slightly longer vent to cover the entire distance plus a little more for adjustment.

For small spaces, the dryer’s exhaust pipe connects to a periscope or an offset duct which then connects to the duct on the wall.

For tight spaces, I would recommend Builder’s Best 084149 Dryer Vent Periscope which is available for purchase on Amazon. The main reason I choose this Periscope is that it’s a handy piece of equipment that works best at very tight outlets. Besides, you only need a 2.5″ clearance from the wall to your dryer.


After gathering your tools, you can now get started on replacing the old pipe. Move the dryer away from the wall.

Your safety comes first and to begin with, you need to turn off the electric switches. Then, unplug the dryer and pull it away from the wall. This way, you will have more room to work and better access to the vent hose.

Removing The Vent From The Vent Hose

Start by removing the ring clamp that secures the dryer vent hose. Once it has been loosened, disconnect the vent from the vent hose on the wall.

Normally, I use a socket driver or a flathead screwdriver for this job since it loosens the brackets effortlessly. Another reason why I choose a wrench is that it’s a multipurpose tool and the jaw is adjustable depending on the size of the screw.

Unscrew The External Duct Outside The Hose

Find the vent exhaust on the outside. You will need to Unscrew the cover and remove the duct. Here you’ll find residual lint inside the duct. Since the pipe is fixed inside the wall, you need to use a little force to push it inside to remove it completely.

Once the old duct is out, there’ll be a hole inside the wall. Use the vent brush to clean any debris that might be present there.

I recommend the use of a buffer or a stud before installation. This makes sure the dryer vent doesn’t move even an inch after installation. Cut out sheets of plywood and secure them to the wall using screws. There needs to be a buffer above the wall outlet and another one where the periscope vent rests on the wall. Now simply, push the new duct inside the wall and set it on the exhaust outlet. Ensure the duct is the same size as the old one; otherwise, it may not fit. Push it gently inside the wall and screw it on tighly. If the vent protrudes from the wall, you can use tin snips to resize it.

Reattach The Exhaust Pipe To The Offset Duct

Before you attach the exhaust pipe to the offset duct, you need to clean it thoroughly. For this procedure, use a vacuum cleaner to remove the lint.

After that, attach the exhaust pipe to the duct using the ring clamp. Ensure it is properly secured to prevent lint or air from escaping. If there is an opening between the slab and the duct, you can use a waterproof sealant such as caulk. Alternatively, you can use aluminum foil tape. It seals the openings and locks the duct in place. I don’t recommend a standard tape since it can dry out quickly.

Secure The Duct Using Screws

Now, go back outside and secure the duct using screws and secure the hood to complete the replacement procedure

Return The Dryer To Its Original Position

Push the dryer gently towards the wall and switch on the power to verify whether your dryer is working. You may also need to, check whether the dryer is emitting air via the duct on the outside of the house.

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Replacing a dryer vent hose inside a wall is a simple operation. However, it can also be complicated when the vent is tightly fixed to the wall. Also, it gets tricky when there is little room between the dryer and the wall. In this case, you’ll need an expert hand. Contact our office today and, a professional will be ready with an instant solution.

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