Guide to Dryer Vent Elbows

Dryer Vent Elbow: Ultimate Guide, Installation, Reviews & FAQs

A dryer vent elbow is a connector used to place the dryer closely against the wall. It effectively reduces friction loss and improves duct performance as well. Elbows effectively turn 90 degrees within 4-12 inches and include a snap-lock fitting.

It’s essential to lock the dryer up. A good interior vent elbow can reduce friction dramatically. Another point to mention is that elbow fitting is a must if you are using a rigid or semi-rigid metal duct. These metal and aluminum foil vents are not bendable.

A common problem with a dryer vent is that this machine experiences air fluctuation and friction at times. The dryer elbow is designed to hook up the dryer with air friction-reducing power. It’s made with a space-saving shape that also boosts the dryer’s efficiency.

How to Install & How Dryer Vent Elbow Work

These quick connector elbows are used to connect your vent to the dryer exhaust port and to connect the vent to your wall exhaust port. They play a great part in air friction removal.

The elbows usually allow you to push your dryer close to the wall. It reduces spacing issues without kinking the exhaust hose. Also, it can effectively change the direction of the airflow of your dryer machine.

Installing a dryer vent elbow seems complicated when you do it for the first time, but it’s not a hard thing to do. All you need to do is to know the process, hacks, and tricks.

Although many people are curious about the installation process, we noticed the topic is underrated.

So, here is the complete process described step-by-step:

Application 1

Connecting the vent to the dryer exhaust port:

  • After unpacking, you’ll notice a rubber ring at the end of the elbow marked ‘A’. Remove the rubber ring from its edge.
  • Place your vent over the end of the elbow, from where you’ve removed the rubber ring.
  • Rotate the elbow counterclockwise to fix it with your vent.
  • Rotate until the fix is smooth. Don’t over-rotate. Over-rotating the elbow will make the match tight; that’s not the result we need.
  • Once you’re done with fixing the duct with the elbow, now it’s time to work with the other part of the elbow. We can mark it as the B part. Slide it over the dryer exhaust port.
  • Keep sliding until it is fixed and orderly. As before, take care that it shouldn’t be fixed so tightly. There is also a rubber ring on the inside of the elbow that seals the elbow to the dryer exhaust port. You don’t need to use any additional clamps.

Application 2

Connecting the vent to the wall exhaust vent port:

  • Start connecting the vent to the exhaust vent port by starting from the Bend of the elbow. Remove the rubber O ring from the inside of the B end.
  • Place the elbow over your duct, and rotate the elbow counterclockwise on the duct.
  • Now, take the A end and put it into the wall exhaust vent port.
  • Slide the elbow until it fits orderly.
  • The rubber O-ring outside the A end of the elbow seals the elbow to the vent port properly.
  • As for the first application, there is no need to use any additional clamping.

If you’re done with installing the elbow, your dryer is now ready to use. Before using the dryer, check everything and ensure it is all in order and working correctly. Make sure there are no kinks, holes, or any leakage that restricts airflow.

Now, when you know all the functions are working, and nothing is limiting them, turn on the dryer and check the airflow of your exhaust system.

If everything goes well, you can now use the dryer anytime you want.

10 Best Dryer Vent Elbow to Connect Your Vents

In this section, we are going to discuss 10 dryer vent elbows, which are in the top positions in the marketplace considering their quality, features, performance, and consumer acceptance.

So, let’s see which elbows are the best for your dryer machine.

1. Builders Best 10151 Dryer Vent Close Elbow

The Builders Best 10151 Close Elbow is one of the high-performance close elbows for dryer venting. This elbow is a very versatile air appliance on the market.

Before we go further, we’d like to introduce you to Builders. Builder’s is a high-performance manufacturer of air appliances and venting solutions. They almost grabbed the hearts of the consumers with their close elbows.

This flexible dryer vent elbow turns 90 degrees within 4 inches. The elbow offers an excellent fix with a male rotating snap-lock fitting and a female rotating snap-lock fitting that effectively reduces air friction. This is an ideal close elbow for dryer vents.

Builders Best 10151 Dryer Vent Close Elbow
  • It completely protects air licking.
  • Effortless repair procedure.
  • The listing details claim this is flame-resistant steel, but it’s not. It’s made of aluminum.

2. Ziggurat Dryer Duct Connector STV-90 (90 Degree Elbow)

The Ziggurat dryer duct connector is another connector that you are going to love soon. The Ziggurat 90-degree elbow is one of the most recognized dryer connectors on the market right now.

The STV-90 has a dimension of 6.25 x 4.5 x 5.5 inches. It fits into any type of 4-inch vent ducting. It doesn’t matter whether the vent is beveled or straight; you can buy this dryer connector without thinking much.

Also, the silicon seal ring offers an airtight dryer connection that helps the dryer work efficiently and use less energy. This plastic dryer duct connector includes a patented technology that makes installing dryers easier.


The snap-to-vent 90 elbow protects against smashed hoses from pushing the dryer machine back too far. You need no additional tools to install it; just place the seal ring and plug properly.

  • It fits snugly, with no chance of falling off.
  • No need for any screwdrivers or any other tools.
  • This elbow is more fire-safe.
  • It’s a little sensitive elbow, don’t put much pressure on it.

3. Fantech FEL 4 Low Profile Plastic Dryer Vent Elbow

When it comes to low-profile dryer vent elbows, the Fantech FEL-4 low-profile plastic elbow is the best choice so far. Fantech is a worldwide recognized manufacturer of air appliances.

The FEL-4 Low-profile plastic elbow is one of the most popular elbows manufactured by this company.
This is a plastic elbow that is made to be used in a 2×4 stud wall. It already has a 12-inch drywall lip set with the elbow, so all you have to do is put it in place and connect the vent.

A unique low-depth profile allows it to be the absolute solution for sidewall ventilation within a wall partition. Its opening is a 4 inch round wall that goes to a 3 12 inch to 4 7/16 inch opening. One side of this elbow fits into a 2 x 4 framed wall.

Fantech FEL 4 Low Profile Plastic Dryer Vent Elbow

It’s a good fit for a round-end penetrating wall heater that easily allows it to fit into standard 4″ oval and round duct pipes. The inside diameter of the elbow necessitates a 4-inch tailpipe.

For the outside diameter, the other part requires a four in. oval pipe that has a stop flange after 1 inch.

  • The size is ideal for a 2×4 wall.
  • It works great for wall-mounted exhaust fans.
  • Not a good fit for an oval-shaped wall.

4. Builder’s Best 010155 Venting Offset Elbow

Builder’s Best 010155 venting is a perfect offset elbow for your dryer vent. This offset elbow is a unique item according to its design and functions. With a protruding pipe, it is designed to make 90-degree turns within 4.5 inches.

It has one female slotted rotating snap-lock collar and a male crimped snap-lock collar that easily fits over vents that protrude up to 2.5 inches. Also, it can fit over wall outlet pipes if they are extra-large for the Wall Offset Elbow.

The best part, we can say, is that it has an aluminum construction and a rigid body so that you can put extra pressure on it without any risk.

  • It can connect two narrow spaces.
  • It’d be better if the elbow were stronger.

5. 4 Inch Deflecto Aluminum Dryer Vent Elbow

A Deflecto aluminum dryer vent elbow can help connect the vent with the wall exhaust and dryer ports. Like other elbows, it can make 90-degree turns within 4 inches.

This tool is made to adjust it with four sections, each of which is machined together and crimped at one end. This is a light-gauge aluminum elbow that is mainly used in clothes dryers and bathroom venting.

You can turn it at any point, from 0 degrees to 90 degrees. This replaceable elbow works with most appliance brands. The deflector aluminum elbow can be a good option for buyers, costing between 6 and 10 dollars.

  • The elbow is a budget-friendly appliance.
  • It’s a pretty smooth and handy dryer vent elbow.
  • Some shrinkage issues happen if you unbox it lately.

6. Smart Choice 90 Degree Close Elbow

Smart choice. A 90-degree elbow dryer vent is a helpful thing for connecting your dryer duct. The elbow is made of galvanized steel. It has two close elbows, two snap-lock fittings, and rotating collars that help you fix it with the vents and walls.

It gives a good finish, even if it’s a very small place to hook the elbow. This accessory can also be rotated 90 degrees in 4 1/2 inches.

Sometimes it seems complicated to complete the installation process when you have a limited space where the vent must turn 90 degrees. You can use this tool anytime you need a good fix in a small space.

Smart Choice 90 Degree Close Elbow
  • The body structure looks perfect.
  • A perfect fit for small spaces.
  • The hose is so tiny compared to the diameter.
  • The cuff is not a good fit for all the dryers.

7. Master Flow 4 Inch 45-90 Degree Dryer Vent Elbow

These heavy-gauge adjustable elbows are designed to turn round pipes into an angular shape. You can use it in vent boilers, water heaters, furnaces, or anywhere those are allowed by code.

This galvanized steel elbow is easily adjustable and has a crimped end for easy installation. For this, it can smoothly be fixed into a pipe or vent of the same diameter. It’s a code-approved sealant that requires insulating ductwork for more remarkable results.

This 45-degree vent dryer elbow will cost you only 5 to 9 dollars.

Master Flow 4 Inch 45-90 Degree Dryer Vent Elbow
  • It’s a well-designed elbow.
  • The elbow is sturdy and easy to install.
  • It may fall apart if you apply extra pressure.

8. Ducting Pipe 90 Degree Dryer Vent Hose Elbow

It’s a 4-inch round tube bend connector made with plastic and polyvinyl chloride, designed to be used in rectangular or round system plastic air ducts. This is a good fit for small living or office spaces where the ventilation system is mostly located under a suspended ceiling.

You can use this bend connector for different turning angles, horizontal or vertical places. This 4-inch connector needs just a small push to fit in ducts and gives a smooth finish.

This elbow will provide you with multiple applications that you can use in different air duct systems and dryer ducts.

  • It’s a fantastic bending solution.
  • A simple solution for varying turning angles.
  • You may have to cut some slots if you face any issues with fixing it properly.

9. Vent Systems Dryer Vent Duct Elbow

The 90-degree vent connector is made of high-quality PVC plastic and is designed to be used with air duct systems, dryer ducts, and home improvement projects. This 90-degree male right elbow is compatible with round pipes, flexible hoses, and other pipes.

The easy installation system makes it a perfect fit for any type of vent. Whether it’s a vent or a push-fit duct, the elbow goes with everything. It can effectively make 90-degree turns in 4 inches.

It has a package dimension of 7.24 x 6.26 x 4.25 inches, which is ideal for elbows.

Vent Systems Dryer Vent Duct Elbow
  • The ABS plastic is very high quality.
  • The elbow works well for dust collection.
  • Many users want it in a large size.

10. Long Turn 90 Degree Dryer Elbow

This dryer vent elbow has a long 10-inch radius. It overcomes length of run issues effectively. The long-turn 90-degree dryer elbow fits into the dryer duct so smoothly and effortlessly.

The smooth interior helps reduce friction and also works as an energy saver. As the elbow has friction loss equal to a straight pipe, it saves the consumer 4.6 feet of the duct run.

Also, the elbow carries a 5-foot run-length reduction penalty.

Long Turn 90 Degree Dryer Elbow
  • It makes cleaning your ducts much easier.
  • The price is a bit higher.


1. How many elbows should a dryer vent have?

Depending on the location and the size of your dryer, you can have one or two elbows back to back to connect the vents.
The best idea I can give is that each 90-degree elbow reduces the allowable total length of dryer ducts by five feet. So, you can use one elbow per five feet of a vent.

2. What is the purpose of a dryer vent elbow?

Using a dryer vent elbow, you can push the dryer close to the wall exhaust port and connect it to the vent. Here, you don’t need to kink the exhaust hose.

3. What is a 90-degree vent elbow?

A 90-degree vent elbow is a connecting tool for your dryer that allows you to turn the pipe into a 90-degree angle. It features a hub-to-hub connection.
The elbow is used to change the direction of airflow in the venting system of the dryer.

4. What is a 45-degree elbow?

Like a 90-degree elbow, a 45-degree elbow allows you to change the airflow direction at a 45-degree angle. Commonly, it connects two pipes in your dryer.

5. What is a vent elbow?

Elbows are used to connect vents with vents or vents to the wall exhaust port. The vent elbows change the direction of airflow in the venting system of your dryer machine, HVAC system, or any home improvement.

6. How do I connect a dryer vent metal elbow?

To hook up a dryer vent metal elbow, stretch the vent to the required length. You can get help from any of your friends and stretch the vent to its maximum length of 8 feet. Hold the vent with your two hands so that the elbows don’t detach.

Now slide the worm drive clamps over each elbow. Connect one end to the dryer exhaust port using a screwdriver, and swivel the adjustable elbow to your required angle. Connect the other end to the duct system with the same process.

7. How to clean around 90 elbows in the dryer vent?

First, disconnect everything. You can use a shop vacuum with a long hose or a dryer vent cleaning kit. It can clean the air passage so well.

If you need to clean around a 90-degree elbow, then get yourself a flexible hose. Bend the hose with a light line and clean around the elbow by pushing on the hose. Reconnect.

8. How many feet is a 4” elbow dryer vent?

A 4 inch 90-degree dryer vent elbow usually necessitates a vent length of 1/2 feet, while a 45-degree elbow necessitates a vent length of 3/4 feet.

Final Thoughts

Elbows are an important accessory for your laundry dryer or HVAC system. Selecting the wrong elbow can be a reason for excessive air friction and excessive use of energy. Also, it takes a great part to improve the dryers’ efficiency.

A good elbow that connects with your vent so well and helps the airflow pass in the right direction is undoubtedly what you’ll look for. So, here, with detailed research, reviews, and experiments, we’ve discussed some of the best dryer vent elbows.

These elbows can serve their purpose better than any other elbows on the market. To bring the finer output of your dryer machine, these elbows are exactly what you need to install.

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