How to Clean Your Dryer Vent Using a Leaf Blower By Doing Less?

Having a dryer in the home will help get your load of laundry drying faster. Most people do not even realize that their dryer needs to be cleaned out every so often. Suppose you fall into this category, no problem. You are in the right place. You will learn why a dryer gets dirty and how to get a clean dryer vent with a leaf blower. The good thing with this is, you can do it on your own in the comfort of our home.

Before we get to clean, let us first look at what makes a dryer dirty. After all, the clothes that go into it are clean, right? Well, the reason is quite simple. Whenever you wash your clothes, there is lint that falls of them alongside the dirt. If you wash them in your washing machine, you will get the clothes out while they are wet. Lint sticks to wet clothes. Once you put them in the dryer and they get dry, the lint will be removed. Most dryers have a lint-removal mechanism. Even with this, there will still be some lint that will get stuck in the dryer. After a while, the dryer will get overwhelmed, and you might smell something burning whenever you turn it on.

Can You Use a Leaf Blower To Clean Dryer Vent?

Many people tend to as can you use a leaf blower to clean the dryer vent? The one thing many people do not realize is the fact that your leaf blower is versatile. Apart from blowing leaves off the ground in the fall, you can also use the leaf blower to clean out your vent. It is an inexpensive do-it-yourself thing that does not require any professional skill. If you are still stuck on how this can be possible, here are steps to cleaning out dryer vent with leaf blower

1# Steps To cleaning dryer vent with leaf blower

It would help if you remembered when cleaning dryer vent with leaf blower is to first disconnect it from the power. Once you do that, these steps will come in handy. They are easy to follow.

2# Access the Dryer Vent

The first thing you need to do when cleaning the dryer vent with leaf blower is ensuring you drag it away from the wall. In doing this, you can aces the dryer vent properly. Once you do that, remove the vent’s cover so you can allow for maximum air passage through the dryer as you clean it up. If you do not remove the cover, then the pressure in the vent will build-up, which might end up damaging the leaf blower and its tubing.

3# Clean the Vent With a Vacuum or Brush

With the cover removed, take this time to clean up the vent with a vacuum or brush. By Doing this will ensure that if there is any lint that has been clogged up in the dryer, it will get removed. You will also be able to get to the lint that might have collected on the cover of the dryer. Wipe off the dryer cover before you proceed to use the leaf blower.

4# Clean the Inside

Now that the drier’s outer part has been cleansed, it is time to focus on the inside of the dryer vent. You have the option of using an electric blower or a cordless blower. All of them will work well. Before you get started, seal the vent around the nozzle of your leaf blower. This is the right way to clean dryer vent with leaf blower so do it that way. If you have no other way of doing this, duct tape would still work fine. The goal of doing this is to ensure that air is not escaping backward.

Once you seal the vents, turn on the leaf blower. Since it will have a lot of power, do this on its lowest setting. Turn it on for bursts of 30 seconds each. Ensure the external vent is letting out this lint. To avoid getting lint on anyone’s face or clothes, no one should be in front of this vent when you turn on the blower. Do this until you get all the lint out.

5# Check the Dryer

Once you are done with using the lint blower, observe our dryer well. Ensure that there are no remaining lint particles in the dryer. Without doing this, all your hard work will be for nothing. It is important that you get all the dirt out when you cleaning out dryer vent with leaf blower . Return the cover of the dryer back on and screw it in securely before returning the dryer to its original position. One thing you need to remember is to do this on a regular basis. It will ensure that all the dirt gets out and your dryer runs effectively.

Know When To Get a Professional

In this era of do-it-yourself, many people end up messing things up. One thing you need to remember when dealing with a dryer is, it can be a cause of fires. If care is not taken, you will end up spending more paying for damages than you would have in getting a professional to clean the lint out for you. Here are several instances where you should call a professional:

  • The dryer is still not working: if you still notice the dryer is not working after cleaning it out, talk to a professional. Your issue may be more than lint build-up.
  • A burning smell is emitted, and there is no lint build-up: if there is always a burning smell when you see no lint in your dryer, have a professional look at it. There may be lint stuck in places you cannot clean out easily.
  • You do not have a leaf blower: it should go without saying that you need to contact a professional. It is the only sure way of getting the lint from your dryer without damaging it in the process.

End Line:

Dryers play an important role in doing laundry in the house. They save you on hours that might be spent drying the clothes outside. If you live in an area that gets little to no sunshine, you understand how important dryers are. Apart from getting the right dryer, ensuring it stays maintained and clean will serve you for ages. If you are unsure of how often you should have it serviced, take a look at the user’s manual that came with the dryer. You will get some helpful tips on servicing and how to do it. At the end of the day, remember that how long our dryer serves you will be dependent on how well you take care of it.

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