Best Dryer Vent Cleaning Company in Denver, CO

5 Best Dryer Vent Cleaning Company in Denver, CO

The majority of property fires in the US are caused by lint accumulation in the dryer vent. Lint is those tiny particles from your laundry that escape alongside the hot air. They can cause fire upon rubbing on surfaces. Therefore, it’s essential to clean the dryer vent to prevent a fire Hazard.

In Denver, many companies offer dryer vent cleaning. As such, it’s not easy deciding on the best choice. Here, we have an honest review of the 5 best Dryer Vent Cleaning companies in Denver, CO. Our research is based on experience and customer reviews. Keep reading.

It doesn’t pose a challenge if the vent duct is accessible and, hence, you can clean it by using household tools. However, if the venting system extends above the roof from the basement, you can choose a dryer vent cleaning service to do the job.

1. Denver Ducts Corp

The first company in our review is Denver Ducts Corp. It’s one of the most reliable cleaning firms that stays true to its brand promise of upholding business ethics and customer satisfaction.

The company is family-owned and prides itself on providing its clientele with world-class service and professionalism. The team is experienced, licensed, and highly motivated. The customer service is second to none, and the lines are available 24/7 to respond to emergencies and customer queries.

Another reason we chose this company is that it uses eco-friendly cleaning solutions. Therefore, this ensures your family is safe and free from chemical or toxins exposure. Further, the products used are safe for the environment for long-term sustainability.

The company provides a wide range of services that include cleaning the air duct system, filters and UV lights, chimney, dryer vent, and furnace. They also carry out routine maintenance of your HVAC system. You can schedule an appointment by filling a form on their website, and a representative will get back to you

2. Apex Clean Air

Apex Clean Air is an HVAC company that serves homes and businesses in Salt Lake City in Denver. The company uses the latest technology and the quality of their work is outstanding.

The staff is well trained with high professionalism and world-class customer service. Some of the services include air duct cleaning, which involves regular and comprehensive maintenance of the venting system. Other services include cleaning and maintenance of the HVAC system.

There are a lot of positive comments from customers who describe the service as commendable. The service is prompt and; the staff is ready to answer questions that the customer may have. You can book their services via the contact us page or you can call the customer service number available on the website.

Overall, Apex Clean Air is a top pick since it’s reputable for long-standing service and a pioneer in the HVAC industry. Likewise, the company is a top pick because of the positive reviews from customers who recommend it because of its convenience, reliability, and professionalism.

3. Dryer Vent Squad of Denver, Co

Dryer Vent Squad of Denver, Company offers a wide range of services to clients in Denver and the surrounding areas.

The clientele includes homes and commercial enterprises in need of HVAC maintenance services. It’s a leading company that boasts of excellent customer service, reliable, and affordable service. The quality of their work is outstanding and works with a team of highly qualified personnel.

During a normal maintenance schedule, the staff inspects the entire duct and recommends the best service. The team cleans your dryer vent to ensure you live in a clean and healthy environment. Likewise, state-of-the-art cleaning equipment is used to clear away the lint in the dryer vent system.

The company prides itself on quick and efficient service by upholding professionalism in its undertaking. Other than cleaning, they also repair the dryer vent and recommend replacement when damaged.

Other services in their bucket list include carpet cleaning, vacuuming, and more. You can book an appointment via the website and a qualified technician will get back to you. Without a doubt, the company has revolutionized the HVAC maintenance industry through the use of advanced equipment.

4. Denver Cleaning Services

Denver Cleaning Service Company has more than ten years offering cleaning solutions to residents and businesses in Denver.

This family-owned enterprise takes a lot of pride in satisfying the customer demands and having a solid relationship with stakeholders. The staff are knowledgeable about the services and always ready to help.

The company provides dryer vent maintenance services to offices, homes, hotels, churches, apartments, fitness centers, and other places in Denver and nearby regions.

One unique thing about this company is that it uses eco-friendly cleaning products that are safe for you and your family. Other services offered by this company include floor and carpet cleaning in ensuring you have a clean place free of allergens.

To enjoy their services, fill a free quotation at their website and a team member will respond via email.

5. Denver Pros Cleaning Services

Denver Pros Cleaning Services is the next firm on our recommendation list. It uses state-of-the-art equipment to provide reliable and exceptional cleaning services. They source their products from the leading dealers in Denver, and the quality of the services is unique and outstanding. 

Due to this, the company can customize your cleaning to suit your venting system and specific needs.

Customer service is one of the best among cleaning companies in Denver. The staff are honest and respectful, and you can count on the company for continuous support every time you need their service. In addition, they are available 24/7 to respond to any emergencies that may occur.

The company has different packages depending on the specific service requested and the complexity of the job.

Dryer vent cleaning is one of the main services that get rid of lint and infiltration by rodents, birds, and debris. The company also provides other services such as carpet, air duct, window, and upholstery cleaning. You can get a free quotation by filling a form on the website.


From our discussion, Denver is a hub for dryer vent cleaning services and, without a doubt, the options are limitless. There are several things you need to keep in mind when searching for a vent cleaning company.

As you can see most of these companies offer a wide range of services that also incorporate the regular maintenance of the HVAC system. All the heating appliances in your home are interconnected, therefore it’s important to choose a company that evaluates your entire system.

You can benefit from regular maintenance which also ensures energy efficiency and lower electricity costs. Hopefully, our review has offered an insight when choosing your reliable dryer vent cleaning company in Denver.

I am a cleaning enthusiast and a writer for renowned cleaners guide sites. I am the Chief Executive Officer for All-City Janitorial and All-City Duct Cleaning. This is where I write about my exploits in detail to share my experience with everyone.

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