Top 10 Best Dryer Vent Cleaning Kits Reviews 2022

Did you know that clothes dryers cause 2,900 household fires each year? These fires account for an estimated 100 injuries and five deaths. Property losses come in at $35 million.

These sobering facts prove all the more heartbreaking because such fires remain highly preventable. How? By cleaning your dryer’s lint filter before and after every load and doing regular annual or semi-annual deep cleans.

You should also clean the lint filter with the best dryer vent cleaning kits at least every six months to prevent clogs. The best kits include synthetic brushes with extendable handles for long reaches. Vent pipes require cleaning every three months.

Has your machine been cleaned within the past six months to a year? Have you noticed it’s taking longer for clothes to dry?

These symptoms could be a sign of a bigger, potentially fire-causing problem. With that in mind, let’s take a look at the top ten dryer vent cleaning kits on the market.

Quick Comparison

Editor Pick
Holikme 30 Feet Dryer Vent Cleaning Brush
  • Holikme Dryer Cleaning Kit
  • 30 Feet
  • Attachment : Power Drill
  • Nylon Rod
Best Combo
2 Pack Lint Brush
  • 2 Pack Lint Brush
  • 29 Inches
  • N/A
  • Wood, stainless steel, bristles
Best Material
Gardus Dryer  Blockage Removal
  • Gardus Dryer Blockage Removal
  • 12 Feet
  • Drill, Vacuum,Blower
  • Nylon Rod
Long Dryer
Holikme Dryer Cleaning Tools
  • Holikme Dryer Cleaning Tools
  • 35 Feet
  • Power Drill
  • Nylon Rod

Top 10 Dryer Vent Cleaning Kits Review

Some dryer duct cleaning kits attach to a power drill for ease of use. Others attach to vacuums. For cleaning your lint trap, rely on a thin, long, bendable synthetic brush.

1# Holikme 25 Feet Synthetic Best Dryer Vent Cleaning Brush


When it comes to the best dryer vent cleaning kit, nothing beats the Holikme 25-Foot Dryer Cleaning Brush.

Why so much love for this dryer cleaning brush system? Because it’s easy to use and highly effective. It loosens the lint trapped in your dryer vent with ease and will help you ensure your home remains safeguarded against clothes dryer fires.

Many professional services cost $150 per cleaning. But the Holikme Dryer Cleaning Brush handles the job for under $25. Despite the obvious savings, you’ll enjoy professional results.

Removing the lint clogging your clothes dryer line comes with improved clothes drying performance. Nixing these clogs from your dryer vent, exhaust port, and duct will extend the life of your unit, too.

The Holikme Dryer Cleaning Brush can be used with or without a power drill. It comes with easy-to-follow instructions.

Just assemble the rods by rotating them clockwise and screwing them into place. Connect the rods for added length and add the brush head, securing it with a clockwise rotation. Insert the rod into the electric drill, if you prefer, and then proceed by turning it clockwise.

Note that if the assembly gets rotated counter-clockwise, the poles will twist off and come apart in the line. You could also end up loosening and losing the brush in the line, so use care with the direction you rotate this product.

The brush handle can be extended up to 25 feet due to its 15-piece flexible rod system, and it includes a high-quality synthetic brush head. Many consumers report using it manually to remove lint buildup. You can run it either from inside or outside towards the dryer.

2# Sealegend Dryer Lint Remover Vacuum Hose


For under $10, you’ll enjoy fabulous results with the Sealegend Dryer Vent Cleaner Kit. It effectively removes lint that has built up over the years. That way, you can rest assured your dryer vents no longer contain flammable clogs or buildup.

How does it work? The Sealegend relies on the sucking power of your vacuum to clean out your dryer line. To do so, it has a 33-inch-long flexible vacuum hose attachment that makes deep access to difficult places a breeze.

The attachment proves effective when it comes to cleaning appliances that you cannot move. When used regularly, it will help you clean your dryer vent and prevent the type of sparking so often associated with preventable house fires.

Besides cleaning your dryer, this attachment also comes with plenty of other uses. For example, it can be used to vacuum out the dust under your fridge coils. But you’ll need to attach a yardstick securely with rubber bands to provide it with added structure.

With nearly 4,000 reviews and a four-star rating, this product represents a convenient and affordable option. What’s more, customers report stunning results after its use. One customer noted the attachment retrieved a sock and piece of lint roller tape stuck in her machine.

How does it work? After attaching it to your vacuum, you can switch between two suction control settings. These suction settings let you select a light cleaning or a heavy-duty power clean, depending on what’s stuck in your dryer vent line, duct, or exhaust port.

What’s more, it attaches to a wide variety of different vacuum units. Consumers report successfully using it with the Shark Rocket vacuum, a Dyson, and a G5 Kirby. With the G5 Kirby, the fit may prove less snug, requiring you to hold the attachment in place.

3# Gardus LintEater Dryer Vent Blockage Removal Tool


What’s another fantastic option for keeping your dryer lint-free? The RLE202 LintEater Rotary Dryer Vent Cleaning System by Gardus. It proves easy to use with a cordless drill and offers professional-quality results.

Many consumers rate it among the most valuable tools they own. After all, it ensures the safe operation of their clothes dryer, reduces drying times, and leads to savings on utility bills and dryer maintenance.

The kit includes four three-foot-long flexible screw-connect rods, one blockage removal tool, a vacuum adapter, and a four-inch self-feeding auger brush. It also has a 1/2-inch diameter lint trap brush and a dryer adapter.

Designed by a leading manufacturer of commercial duct cleaning equipment, it comes with everything you could want for a thorough cleaning. What’s more, it proves easy enough that you won’t mind using it regularly.

The adapters let you use the air from a shop vacuum, electric blower, or clothes dryer to eradicate lint. Simultaneously, rotary cleaning occurs, making this a double-threat for lint and other things that may block your dryer line, such as lost socks.

The lint brush can reach upwards of 42 inches when connected to the flexible rod. This extension ensures it’ll reach all the way to the bottom of your lint trap. The brush head proves highly flexible and conforms to tight spaces.

It also proves effective for cleaning baseboard heating vents, vertical blinds, ceiling fans, and cobwebs in hard-to-reach places. The kit comes with a blockage removal tool capable of dislodging bird and animal nests.

It also makes clearing debris from gutter downspouts a cinch. No ladder required.

The Operator’s Manual offers a step-by-step guide to using the kit. This guide includes detailed illustrations providing solutions for a variety of cleaning scenarios. It’s a priceless resource outlining professional techniques and founded on years of experience.

4# Holikme Dryer Lint Brush & Cleaner


The Holikme Two-Pack Vent Cleaner Kit offers a simple solution to your dryer vent cleaning needs for under $20. With nearly 7,000 4.2-star reviews, it’s definitely worth your attention. What’s more, it’s intuitive to use and highly adaptable for other appliances.

It also proves handy for reaching tough-to-clean corners where cobwebs and dust tend to collect. The two-brush system cleans dust and pet hair from appliances and furniture, making this a fantastic multi-purpose set of tools.

The extra-long brush cleans your dryer’s trapped lint, but it also proves convenient for getting into other hard-to-reach spots such as the coils behind your refrigerator. No matter where dust and dirt have accumulated, they’re no match for this kit.

The nylon brush has a 29-inch-long wooden handle and measures 13 1/3 inches by 1 4/5 inches. It has a hole at the end for hanging and weighs approximately 2.8 ounces. Despite its size, the brush can fit in tight spaces as small as one-inch in diameter.

Holikme advises wearing gloves while using this product. That way, you can better protect your hands during the cleaning process.

Regular use of this product will improve your clothes dryer’s performance while decreasing your chances of a dryer malfunction or fire. These brushes don’t come with the ability to hook up to a drill or vacuum.

So, you won’t benefit from electric-powered cleaning, but the brushes can clean tight spots in a jiffy.

How about the durability of these brushes? Customers report that the brushes feature sturdy handles, and the brush head has thick bristles. The wire shaft of each brush is fashioned from flexible stainless steel.

All told, their strong and adaptable design makes them a great addition to your household cleaning tool kit.

5# 30 Feet Vent Brush Use With or Without a Power Drill


So far, we’ve discussed various dryer vent cleaning products that fall within the same length range. What happens if you have an especially long space from your dryer lint vent to the exterior of your house? Call in the Holikme 30-Foot Dryer Cleaning Brush.

As the name suggests, it can stretch upwards of 30 feet. To achieve this reach, it includes 18 pieces of flexible, durable rods. Coming in at under $30, it’s the ideal alternative to a professional cleaning that could cost you a couple of C-notes.

Besides ensuring your machine is free and clear of fire risks, it’ll increase performance while resulting in lower utility bills. Like its 25-foot counterpart from Holikme, this dryer vent cleaning system comes with straightforward instructions.

It can be used with a power drill, or you can turn it manually. Customers report excellent results with both rotation methods.

How do you use it? Like the 25-foot model, you’ll need to attach the 18 connecting rods by screwing them clockwise. The connection brush gets secured with a clockwise rotation of the rod.

If you choose to use it with a power drill, you’ll then insert the rod into the electric drill. Holikme assures customers that most makes and models of power drills are compatible with this system, but you’ll want to do your homework.

Once you’ve got everything attached, feed it into the vent and turn it clockwise. As with the 25-foot model, if it gets turned in the opposite direction, you risk the brush coming loose and getting lodged in the vent.

With nearly 2,000 reviews averaging 4.5 stars, customers have many great things to say about this product. That said, it’s designed specifically for four-inch round vents. You could likely use it to clean a six-inch round vent, but it won’t cover all surfaces.

6# Holikme Flexible Long Dryer Vent Refrigerator Coil Brush


The Holikme 30-Inch Dryer Vent Cleaner Kit offers extra reach for tough jobs. It cleans your clothes dryer’s lint trap with ease. It also offers additional reach for clearing the coils behind your fridge. And, of course, it’s great for handling dirt and dusty accumulations anywhere.

If the brush can reach it, it can clean it. The brush’s 30-inch length makes it versatile and handy for a variety of areas. The brush’s width measures 25 by 3.5 inches, and its handle measures 4 3/4 inches.

The wooden handle, like its shorter Holikme counterpart, includes a hole perfect for hanging. All told, the brush comes in at a lightweight 4.2 ounces, which means you won’t tire your arms and shoulders before the job is complete.

Capable of squeezing into a hole as small as one inch in diameter, it’s excellent for many tasks at home. What’s more, you’ll want to keep this tool handy for cleaning cobwebs out of corners.

How well does this brush perform with consumers? Of its 1,000+ Amazon reviews, it maintains a 4.4 average rating.

Customers report it as necessary for all appliance owners. They also note that the brush is sturdy yet flexible, making it ideal for tight and hard-to-reach areas of your home. The brush proves easy to clean.

Some customers warn that the wooden handle may come loose when pulling the brush out from under your refrigerator coils during cleaning. But this is easily remedied with a little super glue.

If you’re looking to save money and don’t mind DIY fixes to this cleaning kit, then give it a try. At under $10, it’s worth a test run. If you’re like other happy customers who’ve written reviews, you’ll be pleased to use these brushes for many different cleaning applications.

7# DocaPole Dusting Kit with Extension Pole


The DocaPole High-Reach Dusting Kit claims the title of the “ultimate high-reach dusting kit.” Its ability to address dust, dirt and lint upwards of 30 feet away proves impressive. But does this system of cleaning tools really live up to all of the hype?

Three dusting attachments provide plenty of versatility. These attachments include:

  • A cobweb duster
  • A chenille microfiber duster
  • A ceiling fan duster

Each of these attachments is designed for maximum dust particle pick-up. You’ll love how effortless cleaning feels.

Whether you’re dealing with your clothes dryer lint trap, high ceilings, or chandeliers, this high-reach dusting toolset does the trick. It also works beautifully for bookcases, pianos, vaulted ceilings, cathedral ceilings, and more.

The removable dusting pieces make it easy to clean, and the high-quality premium telescopic pole features a solid metal tip and a screw-on hinge tip. As you can see, the manufacturers have gone to great lengths to ensure this product’s usefulness.

The extension pole even includes universal threading to make it compatible with various attachments, including those from other companies. It can handle just about every task on your honey-do list, including:

  • Window cleaning
  • Light bulb changing
  • Hanging lights
  • Gutter cleaning
  • Photography

Unlike many other cleaning kits featured in this article, the DocaPole High-Reach Dusting Kit is not cheap. It runs just under $90. When you consider the wide array of areas that it cleans, though, you may find it’s well worth the investment.

8# Holikme Clothes Dryer Lint Trap Cleaner


Unlike the other Holikme brushes on this list, the Holikme Clothes Dryer Lint Vent Cleaner Brush is designed specifically to clean lint traps, lines, and vents. It features an extra-long brush designed to provide maximum cleaning power to your dryer’s lint trap.

The brush’s length is 29 inches, and the brush measures 13 1/3 inches by 1 4/5 inches. The wooden handle measures 4 3/4 inches. Like the other Holikme products on this list, it has a hole in the handle so that you can hang it out of the way.

Although primarily fashioned for cleaning clothes dryers, customers report that it works well for capturing dust in refrigerator coils, too. The same goes for other dust and dirt under heavy appliances.

What do customers have to say about this product? They report it as a very sturdy product with a durable nylon brush. They also rate its practicality and usefulness very high.

Some customers also report that it doesn’t fit in the vent in front of the drum because it’s too large. That said, the consensus remains that it’s a well-made product that succeeds at removing lint.

Besides removing lint from dryers and dust from refrigerator coils, it works great in other cleaning situations. For example, it effectively cleans hard-to-remove dust and pet hair from furniture. Be sure to wear gloves during the use of this brush. For just over $6, you don’t have to shell out a lot of money to see how it works for you.

9# Fette Appliance Synthetic Brush Lint Remover


What do you get with your purchase of the Fette Appliance Cleaning Kit? A synthetic vent cleaning system designed to grant you professional-quality results every time you utilize it. Use it with or without power tools (e.g., power drills) for convenience.

There’s a caveat to this tool, though. It’s designed for use on dryer lines with rigid or semi-rigid metal. Avoid using it with flexible foil.

How easy is this must-have tool to use? It allows you to reach upwards of 12 feet to remove dust and dirt from surfaces effectively.

Many customers rave that the Fette Appliance Cleaning Kit is high-quality and does its job well. They recommend using it attached to a power drill that’s spun slowly for best results. Many customers were shocked by the massive lint balls removed by this product.

That said, some customers have reported the product defective upon arrival. One also had an incident with a rod that became disconnected and got lodged in the vent pipe.

Another customer reported that the tool pushed lint further down the sections that it could not access. The result? The tool contributed to the build-up of a lint wall that eventually blocked the line.

Despite these less-than-satisfactory reviews, the vast majority of consumers found that the product exceeded their expectations. Many also report significant lint removal from their clothes dryer ducts as a result of using this tool.

Reviewers say it works well for clothes dryers that vent up into the roof. Because of the many extensions that come with the cleaning brush, they can insert the brush all the way up the line.

10# Geniusidea 2 Pack Flexible Long Brush


It comes with two sturdy nylon brushes attached to comfortable wooden handles.

The brushes contain robust, thick bristles, which means dust and dirt are goners when this tool is in use. it’s a fantastic option for those on a small budget. After all, you can secure these two brushes for under $8.

The flexibility and strength of these brushes’ metal cores allow them to bend and even fold at a 90-degree angle to clean various areas in your home and around appliances. Consumers report it as a must-have tool capable of cleaning diverse places unreachable by other means.

Reviewers also report that the brushes are narrow enough to fit through most hose openings.

Brushes arrive in a two-pack and are bent in a U-shape. Most customers report they’re easy to straighten out and put to immediate use. Besides easily removing clothes dryer lint from the trap, they clean many other locations.

These locations include under the stove, under the refrigerator, behind the dryer, under the washer, and more.

While most customers sing the praises of these cleaning implements, a few consumers reported that the handles came off easily. That said, they were easily re-secured by spinning them back into place and applying a little glue.

They are also noted for rusting easily, so store them away from excessive moisture.

Many professionals recommend this style of brush for cleaning clothes dryers. They easily remove buildups without inadvertently contributing to the clogs.

How Do You Clean Lint From a Dryer?

We’ve gone over the importance of air duct cleaning to remove lint from your dryer line and the products that can help you do so. Now, let’s talk about the process. For starters, make sure you remove the lint from your clothes dryer’s filter before each load.

Do this by running your hand over the filter to catch the lint. If you’re having trouble getting it all, use the lint ball you’ve already collected to pick up the rest. You may also run the filter under a little water to make cleaning easier.

For your safety, always unplug the machine before beginning. Then, take off the back panel and exhaust hose. From there, you’ll want to use a vacuum to exhaust areas of your dryer. Use a cloth to wipe it down.

You’ll want to complete this process every six months for the best results.
For a deep clean of the vents, empty the exhaust hose of any lint by sticking your vacuum attachment inside the exhaust hose. Or, better yet, try one of the appropriate tools above to ensure a professional cleaning.

Use care when feeding the cleaning rod into the exhaust hose. After rotating and spinning the brush several times, you should remove most of the lint. After reattaching the exhaust hose to the dryer, remove lint from the exterior vent.

Once you’ve properly cleaned your dryer vent and line with a dryer lint remover, consider installing a dryer booster fan. Why? It’ll reduce the amount of lint that backs up in your line and machine by boosting airflow through the duct of your dryer.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions


Properly maintaining and cleaning your clothes dryer is essential to avoiding house fires. It will also ensure that your machine functions optimally, and it’ll keep your utility bills low.

For a thorough lint trap cleaning, go with heavy-duty brushes. For clearing dangerous lint from you your duct, invest in a cleaning brush with rod extensions attached to a power drill. The best dryer vent cleaning kits will make your job easier than you ever imagined, so do yourself a favor and purchase one.

Once you get the hang of this honey-do task, you’ll enjoy maximum machine functionality and the peace of mind that comes with keeping your family safe.

I am a cleaning enthusiast and a writer for renowned cleaners guide sites. I am the Chief Executive Officer for All-City Janitorial and All-City Duct Cleaning. This is where I write about my exploits in detail to share my experience with everyone.

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