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About Me.

Get to know me, Alwin Sander, Your friend and guide. Before I show you around the best products I’d like to share with you a few bits of information about myself.

Hi! Alwin here, Your guide

I am a cleaning enthusiast and a writer for renowned cleaners guide sites. I am the Chief Executive Officer for All-City Janitorial and All-City Duct Cleaning. This is where I write about my exploits in detail to share my experience with everyone.

“Alwin Sander at your service” is my catchphrase and my method of approach when it comes to sharing knowledge, experience and expertise. My story began in San Jose, California where I spent my years of growth and development. I had gone through a bit too much that put my brain on overdrive and got me obsessed with writing and cleaning. Yes, it first started out as something akin to OCD but then I realized my need to see everything neat and clean. I would carry out cleaning jobs and write a short account on how I did it.

Pretty soon my passions urged me to pursue a career in Janitorial Services as my dad was already in on this line of work. Yes, I did follow in my old man’s shoes and soon had taken command of his Janitorial Firm. I was having the time of my life for the past 20 years doing what I love doing and not too long ago I became the chief editor for Cleaning Tools Pro, a renowned agency that provides authentic product reviews as well as professional tips and tricks. Watching over eight other junior writers, I make sure only the best content makes it through to you, the readers.

Dryer Vent HQ is something I have started on my own, my own personal venture into the field of writing blogs about cleaning. You could say it is like the child I always wanted to raise on my own. Join me as I uncover the pros and cons of dryer vent products and bring you the best of what the market has to offer.

I wait eagerly to hear from you, the readers and fellow enthusiasts. Let’s get in touch and discuss cleaning.

What We Will DO?



Comprehensive and complete reviews for all products related to dryer vents to help choose the best among countless products in the market.



Get the best out of cleaning with comprehensive cleaners guide giving you the edge



Tips and tricks that help you unlock the potential of all listed products as well as tips for proper installation



Get to know in detail about the products that we recommend to give you the optimum perks of using dryer vents.

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